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Under the direction of Stéphane Sélégny, AXLAW brings together a team of lawyers registered at the Bar of Rouen. During almost 20 years, the firm has been one the French elements of Holman Fenwick Willan, a transnational group of lawyers with which it still maintains close partnership relations. Building on this inheritance, AXLAW offers the valuable combination of an international culture focused on the economic dynamism of business with a national practice rooted in the realities of its local operations in Paris and Rouen.

The firm’s members are endowed with multidisciplinary skills and complementary experiences. They mainly work for companies facing issues relating to labour law, commercial law, criminal business law and insolvency proceedings.

Guided by its commitment to quality and performance, AXLAW guarantees the delivery of a tailor-made legal expertise, precisely adjusted to the expectations and entrepreneurial constraints of its clientele.

We favor personalized relationships and work closely with our clients to optimize the efficiency, responsiveness and transversality of our business services, both in terms of legal advice and litigation.

The firm strives to know as precisely as possible the activities of its clientele and to comprehend in detail their corporate culture to ensure a constant adaptation, anticipation, availability and proximity in the making of its high-level assignments.

Supporting your development and defending your interests are the two pillars on which all our services are based. With integrity, we commit the excellence of our team to the progress of your business activities.