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Axlaw has been created from the worldwide law firm Holman Fenwick Willan, which has deep local roots in Paris and Rouen. We are used to deal with all kind of business issues, whether with international group or smaller companies.

We adopt a tailor made approach with our clients in order to implement a teamwork that allows to optimize our responsiveness and our complementary skills.

We establish close and ongoing relationships with our clients, in order to understand in the best way their field of activity as well as their corporate culture.

We both work in French and in English and assist companies and individuals in the following areas :


    Labour Law

It is the core activity of Axlaw. Our team is very experienced in this field whether it is for advisory or litigation purposes.
We assist our clients in various areas of activity by familiarizing us with the constraints of their business sectors.
Our team, which previously constituted the social law department of the law firm HFW, with whom we maintain close relations, was recommended by Legal 500.

     Commercial Law

We are very experienced in all facets of commercial law both in litigation and advisory.

     Insolvency Proceedings

We possess a full mastery of Insolvency procedures in their various aspects:

  • From the examination of the difficulties encountered to the analysis of the solution to be implemented
  • Assistance during the implementation of the measures including during bankruptcy
  • Support throughout the procedure until the adoption of the plan


We are also familiar with the various ancillary litigations relating to guarantees, claims procedure and admission of claims.

We also have a thorough knowledge of derogatory rules in social law.

     Business Criminal Law

We assist our clients in various criminal litigations that may punctuate the activities of companies.

Our experience integrates :

  • Offence of obstruction
  • Work accident (manslaughter and involuntary injuries)
  • Misappropriation of Corporate Assets
  • Misleading Advertising
  • Defamation on Internet
  • Unlawful agreement in connection with public contracts
  • Sale of products non-compliant with the legislation


Thus, we work in both defense and as a civil party for our clients who are victims of offenses such theft, willful damages, misuse of corporate assets and fraud.



Among all the fields that we cover, we have a more extensive experience in the following sectors :

    . Industry  
    . Cardboard packaging
    . IT Services
    . Logistics and Supply Chain
    . Security
    . Occupational Medicine
    . Wood and Plastic Packaging
    . Retailing and Distribution Industry
    . Transport
    . Port Handling
    . Trade